Master violin maker

Klaus & Frank Schlegel


New construction & repair of stringed instruments
For the love of the craft and the passion for music:
— Because music is the language we all understand. —

What do we offer?

Violins, violas and cellos:


Craftsmanship & attention to detail

The art of violin making in the Vogtland is more than three centuries old. Embedded in the wonderful landscape of our homeland, it has established a craft that has determined the live of the people until present tense.

Our workshop was opened a few years before the 300th anniversary of the Markneukirchen violin makers' guild in 1971 in Erlbach, Vogtland. As a master violin maker particularly specialized in the new construction of violins and violas, we build these instruments in accordance with all classic models and sizes. Carefully selected and long seasoned woods guarantee a good sound quality for demanding musicians.

At the international violin making competition in Mittenwald in 1989, a viola of our workshop was awarded.



We pay special attention to professionally executed repairs and restorations. Especially the restoration of historical instruments is a work that always requires special skills:

Restoring the historical sound and also preserving the aesthetics of the instrument requires not only all our craftsmanship skills, but at the same time an immersion into the music of the respective era.


Our workshop & our work

— A picture is worth a thousand words —


Master violin maker Klaus and Frank Schlegel

Frank Schlegel
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You can find us regularly at Musik Schmidt in Bayreuth - dates and contact details here